Alaskan Runway

No, there's no runway.

A flight simulator by Mark Ivey. (Work in progress. See instructions below.)

Pick a mission

Your browser doesn't support the canvas element. Try using chrome. I've also tested this in IE 9.


You're a bush pilot. Land in meadows, on tiny islands, and on the side of steep mountains, but don't hit trees.

Collect as many flags as you can. Pick up a flag by landing & coming to a complete stop next to the flag.

Quick Start

  1. Press "F" once to put flaps down.
  2. Hold space for full throttle.
  3. Hold down arrow until airborne.
  4. Don't get too excited, that was the easy part. You still have to land.
For your first landing, turn around and land on the big, flat, level runway you started on.
  1. Continue flying right, away from the runway, until you pass the small village at the right end of the island.
  2. Press left arrow to turn back towards the runway.
  3. Release space and start a steady descent towards the runway.
  4. You have to land gently. You want to kiss the ground, not smack it.
  5. Once you're rolling on the ground, press B to apply brakes to stop.
  6. If you got here, congratulations! Now you're ready to start collecting flags from those harder runways.


    Keyboard Joystick*
    Space bar Button 1 Full Power**
    Up/Down arrows Y-axis Pitch (nose up/down)
    Right/Left arrows X-axis Turn around
    F Button 3 Flaps (let you fly slower; put them down for takeoff/landing)
    B Button 4 Brakes (on ground)
    ESC Stop game

    * Joystick support works in Chrome. I'm not sure if it works in other browsers.
    ** The number keys (1 through 0) will set 0-100% power, useful for level flight and controlled descents.


    I've tested this in Chrome, Firefox, and IE 10. At the moment, it plays best in Chrome. Most recent browsers should support the HTML5 technologies used by this game.